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"Thankyou Thankyou  Thankyou  finally some relief for my psoriasis. After 10 years of several different cortisone creams which do not have much effect, I was told about dead sea salts. I did some research and ordered the psoriasis pack from Dead Sea Products. I have been using the salts 3/4 times a week and replacing the cortisone with the body lotion for three weeks ,I also use the mud soap for washing.I have had a good result. My psoriasis is on the soles of my feet and palms of hands and while it is not visible it makes for great discomfort  wearing shoes. For anyone willing to give these products a go please follow the directions and I am sure you will have relief like I have experienced. Thanks Laurie for your guidance and help." Barbara

I just want to say thankyou, my daughter suffers from psoriasis and have tried many products without success.  I came across your company and seen the dead sea bath salts thought I would give it a try(what could we lose). After 1 week of using the salts and the soaps we could certainly see the difference, she has been using it for only 6 weeks and wow her skin is soft, not flaky and sore and nearly back to normal.  We will certainly be using this product all the time.  She is using the dead sea salts in a bath 3 - 4 times a week, soaking about 1hr.  She uses the mud & salt soap with an exfoliating glove also in the bath after soaking.  She uses the mud or salt soap on the other days she doesnt have a salt bath. Thankyou.  Kim and daughter Amy.

Love the dead sea salts. It is clearing up my 2 year old's eczema day by day." Esther

"I have been using the mineral care range for a number of years, including essential cream, essential eye cream, hydra balance gel, hydra micro peeling and mud musk. I have sensitive skin and have no reactions to any of these products. They thoroughly clense my skin and make it feel smoother and more radiant. Highly recommended!" Tracey

"Have used the Bio Active products for years and love this range of skin care. The price is right and delivery is free over $100. Delivery is always super fast. Great dealing with pleasant people who believe in what they are selling. Thankyou so much for my unexpected gift with my recent purchase. Much appreciated :)" Heather

"We have a young son who is chemically sensitive and your mineral bath salts are one of the only products we have found that he does not react to. We have been using your bath salts for the last few years and our son's skin is always so lovely and soft, and the baths are very relaxing for him.
Being only seven years of age, we only use about half of the recommended amount but find this works great for him.
Before finding your salts, we had trialed many other products including other dead sea bath salts, however in one way or another our son always had some kind of reaction to them. Yours is the only product that I can honestly say we see no negatives with at all, only positives. For a child as sensitive as ours, this is no small feat.
We originally found your bath salts in our little local health food store, and then somehow came across your online store and have been very happy with your excellent service and very quick delivery of our orders.
We will continue to recommend your company to our family and friends.
Many thanks"

"Dear Dead Sea Products,
Am writing to thank you for you products. As a sufferer of Psoriasis I was at first dubious: but thought- What do I have to loose (except money- But I have lost plenty of that over the years searching for relief to my chronic skin problem) Then I came across your website I initially bought the Spa Elixir Gift- Yes what a wonderful gift but I couldnt keep it to myself. When I recieved package I was so excited!! after I had applied mud wrap my skin felt so silky smooth-even my husband was excited!!
I have used the soap everyday & noticed that my skin isnt so dry & flaky & the bonus is the soap smells lovely & isnt as drying as many.
I am looking forward to working my way thru the range of skincare products."
H. Goodridge

"I have had psoriasis and the associated psoriatic arthritis for over fifteen years.
I have tried a lot of products including traditional and alternative medicines over this time. I had often heard a lot about the benefits of the Dead Sea but knew I would never travel there. Then with the wonder of the internet and the motivation caused by severe psoriasis I looked for products on the internet.
Based on the competitive prices I selected my products from Mineral Care and I have never looked back. Whilst the products do not cure my condition they definitely appear to assist in alleviating the severity of the psoriasis. I use the Mineral Bath Salts frequently along with the Moisturizing Body Lotion, Water Base Aroma Pack, Hand Cream, and Foot Cream.
I was more than willing and happy to write this testimonial to let people know the Mineral Care work for me. I hope this helps other people out there."

"My two year old is having a horrible eczema outbreak. Thank you for supplying such a wonderful product that makes her life and mine so much more pleasant. I stopped using your products when her eczema seemed to have disappeared but I have learnt my lesson and will not use anything else on her skin in future.
Childhood eczema is such a widespread problem and there are so many people out there making themselves rich pushing products that are very expensive that just don't work.
Your products really do work. One block of mud soap lasts longer than many products, and it really takes away the irritation. I realise that all kids skin can be as different as there personalities but for my daughter it worked. I have three children and come in touch with a lot of mum's who have kids with eczema and I always recommend they give it a try.
I would be more than happy to tell anyone who suffers from eczema what a difference your products made to my daughter. "
A Petrie

"I utilize the Mineral Care to assist in the treatment of psoriasis and eczema, which I first contracted in the middle east some twenty years ago.
Whenever I am in Israel I always make a point of spending time at the Dead Sea, so when I came across your site it made management of my mild skin condition so much easier.
The products are a delight to use and very helpful."
M Baldwin 

"I'm writing to you, as I want to thankyou so much for my Bio Active Care "Contouring Face & Eye Serum". I can not express enough how amazed I am by this product. In the past, I have always found eye serums/creams to be too heavy on my skin and have ended up clogging my pores. This has never happened with using your serum. The light weight texture makes it so easy to use and I instantly have a cooling and tightening sensation to the areas I apply it to. Using your serum, has now become may favourite part of my skin care regime. I  highly recommend this product to everyone. Thank you again so very much"


"Dear Dead Sea Products, I recently purchased your "Mud and Mineral"  hair mask and I am amazed at how much of a wonderful difference it has made to my hair. I have quite curly hair which I also colour, which leaves me constantly having dry, split ends and frizzy fly aways. I have tried many products on the market and nothing has worked on my hair like your mask. I have been applying your hair mask once a week and even after just one use, I noticed a dramatic change. My hair feels a lot more hydrated and I have less fly aways, my curls are more defined and too which is fantastic. I will definitely be recommending your products to all my family and friends."



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